You belong in the sky

In just over 100 years, we’ve gone from experimental flights lasting a few minutes to connecting every city in the world. And yet today, most of us only occasionally fly. In New Zealand, Cora is taking the first step towards a world where the freedom of flight belongs to everyone.

Founding CEO, Ilan Kroo

March 2010

The Journey Begins

We came together with a big vision. An electric and autonomous air taxi that could transition from rising like a helicopter to flying like a plane. A design we believed could make flying so easy and so accessible you could do it every day.

December 2011

First Hover

The first step on the path toward transition was hovering. It might sound simple, but for an electric aircraft of this size, it was a major breakthrough. We knew we were onto something big.

First hover

February 2014

Undeniable Proof

Before we could take the next step, we had to prove that a complete transition from vertical take-off to forward flight was possible. After four years of hard work, we did it. Our aptly named POC (proof of concept), completed the first unmanned transition.

First self-piloted transition

August 2017

The Human Element

We weren’t here to fly model airplanes. Having a real person fly safely in our air taxi was our next major step. After seven years, we were ready. Our test pilot became the first to go from hovering over the ground to soaring through the air on our aircraft.

First human transition

October 2017

Partnership with New Zealand

We arrived in New Zealand. With its innovative spirit and forward thinking regulatory environment, New Zealand and her people are the perfect partners. We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate on a new era of everyday flight.

Flight testing in New Zealand
New Zealand

November 2017

Cora spreads her wings

After almost eight years of exploring new frontiers, we had built the aircraft we had been dreaming of: Cora. An electric, autonomous fully fledged air taxi that takes off like a helicopter and flies like a plane. The first step to a world where the freedom of flight belongs to everyone.

First Cora Transition